Sunday, October 11, 2009

Allis's new home

The first task at hand was to get the tractor ready to move. It was in Amy's parents barn and had been sitting on a flat tire for a while. The ballast (calcium chloride?) had leaked from the tire and rusted the rim through along with all the bolts holding it in place, but Amy's Grandfather Rod was a big help and we were able to get it off. I then found a used tire and rim on Craig's list and with a little work I had a tractor that would roll. Next I replaced the battery with my handy Tractor Supply gift card, thanks Mark and Karen, and it was time for a spin. I took the tractor out for a little drive way blading at Mark and Karen's, not the finest job they had ever seen but a lot of fun. Amy and I debated where would be the best place to store the tractor while I worked on it and we ended up deciding to bring it home. Saturday Amy's Uncle Bob loaned us his trailer which worked great, the trailer actually road better with the 4500 pound tractor on it, thanks Bob. After the 45 minute drive home we unloaded the tractor and pulled it into its new home.

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  1. Doug,
    You were lucky to get to use it for a bit before the tear down!
    After buying a battery,I discovered some gaping rusted thru holes in the exhaust manifold. After purchasing a replacement, I broke one of the studs off even with the nut ! Now I'm laboriously applying heat to the head around the stud and applying beeswax, then cooling with ice.
    It was probably a good thing the manifold had to come off, there were more than a few mud daubers in it!!